How to get 15 Roofing Leads in the next 30 Days without relying on Word of Mouth.

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Looking for a roofer marketing agency that can help you get more leads consistently?

Social Gravity is the Roofing Marketing Agency that can help you get more leads. We have a program called Roofer’s Digital Breakthrough Program that helps us generate leads through your website, SEO & Paid Ads.

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Roofer Marketing

I Need Help Marketing My Roofing Business

Our Success Stories

HP Roofing Case Study

HP Roofing

How HP Roofing added a new source of leads to his Roofing business in just 4 months.

EQ Roofer Case Study

EQ Roofers

What made James trust Social Gravity for their Roofer Marketing after one bad experience.

BuildTech Case Study

BuildTech Construction

How BuildTech was able to grow its construction business by 40% in just over a year.

Our 3 Pillar Roofer Marketing Methodology

Using the same exact roofer marketing process outlined in our Roofer’s Digital Breakthrough Program, we’ll help you get ahead of your competition in your local area. Everything from the website to Google ads & SEO, will be done for you in this program.

The program consists of 3 pillars:

Pillar #1: Build Foundation & KILLER Roofer Marketing Funnel

In the 1st pillar, we take care of all the foundational aspects of digital marketing within our program – so that means your Google accounts, website, funnel, leads tracking etc, all hands-off (this pillar is similar to building foundation over a house)

Pillar #2: Drive Traffic To Your Roofing Funnel

Now that we have the foundation built, it’s time to drive traffic to your funnel. We drive traffic to your funnel created in pillar #1 from different channels like SEO, Google Ads etc.

Pillar #3: Scale To Hit Revenue Objectives

In this pillar, our entire focus is on consistently hitting your revenue objectives. To get a little technical here. These are things like SEO, link building, conversion tracking,T etc.

Our Roofer Marketing Services

Roofing Website

custom website & funnel for your roofing company is made to scale your roofing business and hit your sales objectives.

Website is the backbone of your business – we make sure that it’s tailor-made and reflects your company so that your customers have a great first impression. We design it to increase sales & get more leads for your roofing business.

Google Ads

SEO takes a while to get traffic & leads. In the meantime, we use Google Pay Per Click ads with high converting landing pages to drive traffic quickly to your website.

This helps to see positive ROI fast on your campaign while we’re waiting on SEO to bring in results.

Local Services Ads

This is a new version of Google ads that helps you get more customers in your local area.

The competition for these ads is a lot less, and the best part of Local Services Ads is you only pay if you get a genuine lead, unlike PPC ads, where you pay for every click.

Search Engine Optimization

Roofing SEO is an essential element of roofer marketing strategy and gives by far the highest ROI for your marketing efforts in the long run.

How? We make your brand visible in front of your customers when they actually need your service. Once they click on your website, it will be optimized to full-extent to capture your customer’s contact information.

Our SEO specialists know the roofing industry very well, giving them an edge over other marketers who’re trying to compete with you. This helps get fast results in rankings, traffic growth & leads.

Google My Business Management (Local SEO)

Google My Business is a free listing service that allows businesses to create a profile on Google.

The benefit of using Google My Business is that it can help roofing companies get leads quickly. When someone searches for roofing companies in their area, the businesses listed on Google My Business will appear higher in the search results. This can help roofing companies get more leads from potential customers.

What Other Roofing Companies Say About Us

I got my website redesigned with Social Gravity. They have a professional team who knew what kind of website I should have and what pages should go there. 2 months since launched and I’m already getting a few extra leads.

Michael Green

Primar Construction

I joined their breakthrough program and got amazing results out of it. They completely changed everything in my digital presence and the team was so fast to implement everything. I highly recommend them if you’re looking for some lead gen.

John McEvoy

HP Roofing

Fahad & his team did a great job on our new website for EQ Roofing. The best part of my new website is I know exactly how many calls I’m getting through the website, and the ROI is a no brainer.

James Stack

EQ Roofing

We hired Social Gravity to generate leads and they did a great job getting quality leads. The new website was ready in just 3 weeks time and just after a few days, we started getting some leads through Google Ads. Professional team who know what they’re doing.

Farnan Culkin

BuildTech Construction

Ready To Scale Your Roofing Business

Frequently Asked Questions


How do you help roofing companies scale?

We scale your roofing company with our 3 pillar roofer marketing program. The first pillar is creating a website & funnel which will be the foundation of your business.

The second pillar is driving traffic to this funnel using different channels, helping you hit revenue objectives systematically.

Lastly, the third pillar enables us to effectively measure conversions & set up ROI Tracking so that we can work together towards achieving your revenue objectives over time.

What roofer marketing services do you provide?

We can help with your website, SEO, Google Adwords & Reputation management. More details can be found here

How long does it take to see results from what you do?

This depends on how aggressive we go in marketing your business. If you sign up for roofer’s digital breakthrough program, you’ll start seeing leads coming in from the 2nd month and the number of leads per month will grow over time.

What kind of companies do you work with?

We work with roofing businesses that are seeking to expand their business. We strive for a minimum of 30% growth each year, but this is dependent on your goals and objectives.

We only deal with 1 roofing company per location, since only one roofing company can go at the top in Google search.

Do you offer standalone roofer marketing services?

Yes, if your company is not yet ready to sign up for the full program, you can start investing slowly in marketing. Depending on where you are, we can guide & help you with a roofer marketing roadmap & set up the foundational aspects of digital marketing.

You can schedule a call with one of our roofer marketing specialists who can guide what would work based on your current situation.

Ready To Scale Your Roofing Company?

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