How Greenway Financial Advisors Scaled Their Business With SEO & Paid Ads

About Greenway Financial Advisors

Greenway Financial is a financial services company based in Dublin, Ireland. Greenway is a family-owned business run by Adrian Gallagher & his son Ian Gallagher and is more than 40 years in the business.

Greenway Financial offers a wide variety of services such as pensions, investments, financial advisory and business consultancy services.

The Challenge

As a small financial services company, Greenway Financial knew they had great potential to grow their business. However, they lacked the expertise and resources to achieve the growth they desired with only word of mouth. 

They were stuck in the same cycle of attracting a few clients here and there, but nothing substantial. 

Most of their business was coming through Word of Mouth and referral marketing, as they're part of BNI network in Dublin.

Greenway & Social Gravity met through BNI as they were in the same networking chapter. Adrian explained that they have a nice website and decent SEO traffic coming in. However, they don't have the time & skill set to scale this and get into paid advertisement.

The Solution:

We then analyzed their entire marketing presence as part of a Free Marketing Audit we offer to all businesses. In the audit, we looked into different marketing elements such as their website, SEO, social media and found a few key issues with their overall presence.

In the audit, we found that Greenway Financial already had a blog that was getting almost 1000 sessions/month and were getting about 10-15 leads from their website.

Greenway signed up for Social Gravity's Digital Breakthrough Program - A comprehensive program that provides a roadmap and the execution of Digital Marketing Services such as SEO, Google Ads & CRM management.

With the decision made, we began to work the magic. We dove into Greenway Financial's business, researching and analyzing their target market, competition and existing online presence. We then created a customized digital marketing plan tailored to Greenway Financial's specific goals and budget.

The next few months were filled with intense work as Social Gravity worked to implement their digital marketing plan. This involved a fresh content marketing strategy, backlinks campaign and a paid ads strategy that could drive leads fast into the business.

We faced many challenges, including tight competition and complex regulations within the financial industry. However, our team worked hard to develop creative solutions and strategies that would ensure success.

The Results

After a few months of work, the results spoke for itself. The blog on Greenway Financial's website now had over 3,000 sessions/month and was ranking for multiple keywords on with big search volume.

They were receiving more inquiries from their website, and their Google Ads campaign was generating a steady stream of leads. 

Social Gravity also helped them improve their website's user experience, making it easier for potential clients to find what they needed.

The paid ads strategy was also going strong, driving leads and quality customers to the business with a low cost per acquisition.

Below is how their traffic looked like after improving the traffic:

At the time of writing this case study, they had generated about 4.4k sessions on the website in 30 days (combination of Paid, SEO and direct traffic), and 41 leads enquiring about various different services.

Looking at the results, Greenway happily referred us to their client IT Support 4U who is also now a client of Social Gravity as well.

We were delighted to have made a big impact on Greenway's business and achieved their goals. After the success with us, they have decided to invest more in digital marketing and have now taken up Social Gravity's ongoing Digital Marketing Services.

Adrian's Testimonial

Fahad has done some decent work alongside Ian to improve our digital presence and we are happy with the outcome. I appreciate Fahad's honesty which is hard to see nowadays. I highly recommend Social Gravity for SEO.

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