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We get 70-100 new leads for businesses using a funnel that results in 3x-5x Guaranteed ROI.

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A roofing company saw a 76% increase in phone calls
A solar PV company doubled their organic traffic in just three months
A home services company gained 547 new leads in the last six months

Introducing Digital Breakthrough Program

3 Pillar Program to generate consistent leads
100% Done-For-You marketing system
High-converting funnel made to hit your revenue goals
No more relying on third-party leads
No more door knocking
Funnel with multiple traffic sources
Backed up with a solid Guarantee
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"Worked with a few agencies before, but Social Gravity gave special attention understanding our business and which market we’re focussing on. Their program is well-structured and one of the best I’ve seen in the market. Highly recommend!"

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NOTE: We only onboard 1 company in a specific industry per location. Why? We work hard on making you look like the best company in your local area & there can be only 1 best company.

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How We Do It ?

A Done-For-You 3 Pillar marketing program that takes care of your Digital Marketing channels like website, SEO, Paid Ads etc that brings 100+ leads/month from different marketing channels.

Why Digital Breakthrough Program?

Advanced ROI Tracking

We provide you with a dashboard where you can see EXACTLY how many calls, form fills & traffic you received & also identify which channels are bringing in these leads.

Well Structured Marketing System

Our program has been tested on dozens of websites. We use our industry knowledge to implement what actually works in home services marketing. Once the system starts bringing in leads, they are tracked for you to see & calculate your ROI.

Backed up with Solid Guarantee

If we don’t get a 3x ROI within the next 12 months, we will stop charging you & work for FREE until we do.

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Icon - Elements Webflow Library - BRIX Templates

How Our 3 Pillar Marketing System Works?

Pillar #1: Build Foundation & KILLER Funnel
Understanding your business & revenue goals
Define key objectives, KPIs & prepare a 12-month roadmap
Setting up the basics for digital success
Build a high-converting funnel
Set up leads & calls tracking

In the 1st pillar, we perform in-depth research of your business, your competitors, your business & revenue objectives. Once we have that information, we set up the foundational aspects of the campaign like a new website, tracking mechanism & marketing funnel etc.

Pillar #2: Driving Traffic to the Funnel
Google Profile Optimization
Paid advertisement (Display Ads, Search Ads)
Aggressive Search Engine Optimization
Google’s Local Services Ads

This is the pillar where the magic happens. We drive traffic to the funnel created in 1st pillar from a variety of sources like Google Ads, Local Services Ads, SEO etc. Once they’re in your funnel, they will start inquiring about your service.

Pillar #3: Hitting Big Picture Goals
Retargeting Ads
Conversion Rate Optimization
Review Generation & Online Reputation Management
Ongoing SEO Campaign
Monthly Review Call
Monthly KPI Reporting

This pillar is all about consistently growing your website traffic & leads over time and making sure that we hit all the KPIs set at the start of the campaign. We make sure that we increase the leads you're getting month over month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for this program?

Businesses generating at least €500K in revenue. Also, we only take on 1 client per location to maintain exclusivity.

For companies of smaller size, we provide other standalone services like website design or SEO depending on your current situation & needs. We go through your current situation during our discovery call and based on your situation, we recommend what would work best for your business.

Are there any Guarantees if I sign up for this program?

If we don’t get a 3x ROI within the next 12 months, we will stop charging you & work for FREE until we do.

What ROI should I expect with this program?

The program is heavily focussed on SEO & Paid Ads. Since SEO takes at least 12 months to bring sufficient results, we use paid ads to generate leads in the early stages of the campaign. That means, you’ll start to see leads coming in from month 2, and they will consistently grow every single month until we hit the KPIs we’ve set for the campaign.We aim to provide a minimum of 3x ROI in the first year, which keeps increasing in the subsequent years as the SEO efforts start to bring in leads.

What is the long-term ROI?

Once SEO kicks in, the leads & revenue will grow more & more consistently over time. The growth of leads depends on your market, but typically you should see consistent growth in leads coming in from SEO.

The leads coming in from SEO will literally double in the 2nd year. In 3rd year, your website will reach its fullest potential. That means you have now built an asset for your company that will get you leads for a lifetime (as long as you maintain your website of course).

If I sign up for this program, can you guarantee that I will get into Google's 1st page?

We don’t guarantee Google’s 1st page as our focus is to generate revenue & not rankings. Some agencies trick companies into “Page 1 Rankings” as they can literally rank for a low-volume keyword in a month, but it doesn’t help the business.

That being said, by the end of 12 months, your website will be ranking on the 1st page for dozens (if not hundreds) of important keywords.

Is there any ongoing input required from our end?

During the 1st month, we’ll need someone from your team to fill out our onboarding questionnaire & provide us with all the necessary information, website access & any existing marketing material.

Once that has been provided, we take care of everything else, as this program is completely Done-For-You. We schedule a monthly call on an ongoing basis to discuss the progress & make sure you’re well informed of what we’re doing.

Are there any contracts?

We never lock our clients into contracts & focus on providing consistent positive ROI on your Digital Marketing. However, just like any form of marketing, it takes 8-10 months to see sufficient leads coming in (you’ll start to see leads coming in from month 2).

I am only looking for a specific service

We do provide standalone services like website design or Google ads depending on what you need. Check out the services we provide.

What's the investment required for this program?

This depends on your revenue goals, as we reverse-engineer the number of leads you’ll need to hit your goals. During our discovery call, we evaluate your present situation and advise you on the required investment.

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