How Going Solar Scaled Their Solar Business With Digital Marketing

About Going Solar

Going Solar is a leading solar PV company based in Dublin, providing residential and commercial customers with sustainable solar PV solutions.

Founded by Joe Brennan, Going Solar is dedicated to offering cost-effective and eco-friendly energy solutions to its clients.

The Challenge / Pain Points

In mid-2022, Going Solar was struggling with lead generation, only receiving 25-30 leads per month. With their ambitious sales targets, they needed at least 200 leads per month to meet their growth objectives. 

Realising they needed professional marketing help, Joe Brennan approached Social Gravity for assistance with Digital Marketing.

In the first meeting with Fahad, Joe highlighted they’ve been in business for years in the commercial space, but now looking to tap into the domestic market for solar PV systems. Having no person who specializes in SEO or Google Ads, they were looking for someone they can rely on for all things marketing. 

The Solution

Social Gravity's team quickly identified the need for a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, incorporating both organic SEO and paid advertising to rapidly scale Going Solar's marketing efforts. We explained how our Digital Breakthrough Program works and how they’ll be able to consistently scale their sales pipeline using SEO and Google Ads.

In the first month, Social Gravity redesigned Going Solar's website, ensuring it was SEO optimised and optimized for organic SEO traffic. 

While the organic SEO efforts were being developed for long-term growth, Social Gravity launched a Google Ads campaign with a €1,500 ad spend. They utilised various ad formats, including Search Ads, Display Ads, and YouTube ads.

While we were working on the Google Ads campaign, we also created a content marketing strategy for Going Solar that involved creating various location pages to target the entire Greater Dublin area, and also creating blog post to capture traffic with informational intent, as they’ll eventually be looking for buy solar panels. 

The Results

Since SEO takes atleast a year to build up properly, we were mainly relying on paid advertisement initially. By the third month of the campaign (2 months after launching the new website), Going Solar started to see a significant boost in leads. They received 63 leads that month, and the number kept growing month over month.

In early 2023, Going Solar's Google Analytics showed impressive results: 257 leads in January 2023 and 290 in February 2023. Remarkably, 75% of these leads came through paid advertising and the rest were a combination of Google My Business & SEO.

Below are some of the statistics:

In the last 90 days, they generated a total of 12k website sessions with 751 conversions, which was way more than what we originally committed them in the early stages of the campaign:

The traffic spike was a combination of variour organic and paid sources: 

About their Google ads campaign, their numbers were getting better month over month and their Cost/Conversion was significantly coming down every month giving them the best possible ROI.

However to look at these kind of results you do need to spend a good amount of money with Google ads. As you can see in the below campaign, we had to spend about €10,000 to get these kind of statistics.

Not only this, they were also able to track their entire progress with the CRM that we implemented for them on This CRM was a game changer for them as the team adopted the CRM super quick because of its ease of use. They were able to see how many leads are coming exactly in a given month, how many leads did actually turned into business, How many conversion did they get, what is the conversion rate, how much business they have closed exactly, and all this helping them with their sales planning.

For example, have a look at the screeshot below that shows all the leads in "last month", what was the source of the leads and what is the current status of each lead and next action: 

This gave them much more control over the sales pipeline. Not only this, we also built some automations to automate some of their day-to-day work like customer acknowledgement email, review email, sending quotes etc.

Joe Brennan’s Testimonial: 

The team at Social Gravity is extremely reliable. They’re proactive in getting stuff done which is quite difficult to see nowadays. Having little knowledge about SEO, I wanted someone who I can rely & trust. I can gladly say we made the right choice, as the numbers speak for itself. 

Joe Brennan, Founder @ Going Solar

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