How NuSolas Energy Transformed Their Solar PV Business with a Powerful Digital Marketing Strategy

NuSolas Energy is a solar PV installation company based in Co. Clare, Ireland, delivering sustainable solar energy solutions to residential and commercial clients in Clare, Galway, Limerick & Tipperary. 

Committed to providing cost-effective and environmentally friendly energy options, NuSolas Energy has become a trusted name in the area.

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The Challenge / Pain Points

In late 2021, NuSolas Energy was grappling with lead generation, receiving only 30-35 leads per month despite spending more than €1,000 on Google Ads every month. 

To meet their growth objectives, they needed a more consistent ROI and a significant increase in leads. Their existing marketing provider was unresponsive and failed to resolve persistent issues on their website.

Raj, the CEO of NuSolas Energy, met Fahad from Social Gravity at a networking event in Limerick and expressed his dissatisfaction with their current marketing efforts. Fahad offered a free marketing audit to identify the problems and propose an effective solution.

The Solution

Social Gravity uncovered several critical issues, including:

  • Lack of leads from SEO
  • No authority on Google
  • Very few online reviews
  • Improperly set up conversion tracking on Google Ads
  • High Cost Per Lead (CPL)
  • Slow website 

To address these challenges, Social Gravity proposed their Digital Breakthrough Program, taking over NuSolas Energy's entire marketing department.

The program involved fixing website issues, improving site speed, setting up proper conversion tracking, and revamping both Google Ads and the SEO campaign. A link-building campaign was also initiated to boost long-term SEO results.

The Results

Within months, NuSolas Energy saw their number of leads triple with the same ad spend. By eliminating redundant ad groups and Google Ads campaigns, they achieved a more efficient use of their marketing budget. We also used Display Campaigns and Google’s Performance Max Ads to further decrease their Cost Per Lead. 

The aggressive SEO campaign continued to build momentum for long-term growth. We created different area pages on their website like solar panels clare, solar panels Limerick, solar panels Galway and wherever they were selling solar panels to drive local traffic using local-intent keywords. To get a cheaper Cost Per Lead, we also designed a solar calculator on their website that we can use as a lead magnet. 

After another few months, the SEO campaign also started to kick off, giving them a really positive start to the new year. The next objective was to set up a CRM for their business so they can streamline their entire sales process. 

Here is What The CEO Had To Say:

Team Social Gravity has been a game-changer for our business. Their expertise and proactive approach have made a significant difference in our marketing results. They've helped us achieve consistent marketing growth, something we struggled with before. We have now hired an additional sales person in the company to help us handle the coming demand."

Raj, CEO @ NuSolas Energy

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