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Roofing Search Engine Optimization strategies proven to work & tested on dozens of roofing websites.

Are you looking for a better way to get your roofing company found online?

Most roofing companies struggle to get found online, and even when they do, it’s tough to generate leads and sales from your website. That’s where our Search Engine Optimization Services can help. We focus on getting you more leads and sales from your website through improved search engine visibility and organic traffic.

Our Roofing Search Engine Optimization Services are designed to get you the best possible return on investment possible. We work hard to make sure that you see a positive ROI from Roofing SEO month over month, so you can continue to grow your business.

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How SEO Services can have an Impact on Your Business

Roofing SEO can help you rank your roofing website higher in search engine results so more people will find your website when they’re looking to get a roof done. This can lead to more customers and a better ROI on your digital marketing in the long term, if you do it right.

Search Engine Optimization wouldn’t bring in leads for a first few months, but once you consistently put efforts & resources into SEO & keep optimizing your On-Page SEO, your roofing website becomes an asset for a lifetime that brings you new roofing leads every single month without paying for ads.

This methodology especially works great for Roofing Contractors as the business has a very local intent.



Roofing SEO

I Need Help Marketing My Roofing Business

Our Success Stories

HP Roofing Case Study

HP Roofing

How HP Roofing added a new source of leads to his Roofing business in just 4 months.

EQ Roofer Case Study

EQ Roofers

What made James trust Social Gravity for their Roofer Marketing after one bad experience.

BuildTech Case Study

BuildTech Construction

How BuildTech was able to grow its construction business by 40% in just over a year.

How Our Roofing SEO Service Work?

We take an aggressive approach when we start working on a roofing website’s SEO. We do bulk of the required SEO work in advance to give it a boost and don’t have to wait for ages before you can see leads coming in. That being said, SEO isn’t a “set it and forget” kind of digital marketing. It needs to be constantly worked on to maintain your internet marketing presence.

A few highlights of our Roofing SEO strategy are below:


Create seperate service pages for different services you provide.


Create dedicated “Roofing types” pages.


Create dedicated pages for different locations you serve.


Add strategic Call To Actions so more visitors convert into customers.


Build high-quality links to your website locally so that it ranks faster.


Advance leads & call tracking so we know what ROI we’re getting.

Our SEO strategy is tailor-made for roofing companies that gives us a competitive advantage. You can book a call with us if you’d like to see some of the results we’ve got for other clients.

Why Work With Social Gravity For Roofing Company SEO

Roofing Contractor Marketing

We Specialize in Roofing Industry

Being a Roofing industry specialist, we know the ins and outs of how to get your roofing company found on Google & Bing. Our strategies are proven to work, and we have had success with dozens of businesses.

We understand the unique needs of Roofing websites and what makes them stand out. We can create a custom Roofing SEO plan that will help you see results. We also have a team of experts who are dedicated to ensuring that you see a positive ROI from your SEO investment every single month.

Proven Local SEO Methodology For Roofing Contractors

Our methodology is tailored specifically for roofing companies, which gives us a competitive advantage. Our SEO service is based on a proven & tested methodology that has been successful with dozens of roofing websites.

We start by doing a comprehensive analysis of your website to identify the areas where we can have the most impact. We then develop a custom SEO plan that is tailored specifically for your roofing business. Once the plan is in place, we start working on the technical SEO & start link building. After 2-3 months, your new website starts ranking in organic search results & that is when you start to see leads coming in from Google, Bing & other search engines.   

Roofing SEO Focussed on Positive ROI

We have a team of experts who are dedicated to ensuring that you see a positive ROI from your SEO investment every single month. We also have advanced lead tracking and call tracking tools that help us measure the ROI from our SEO efforts.

We’re not happy unless you’re seeing a positive ROI from your SEO investment every month. We’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that happens.

What Other Roofing Companies Say About Us

I got my website redesigned with Social Gravity. They have a professional team who knew what kind of website I should have and what pages should go there. 2 months since launched and I’m already getting a few extra leads.

Michael Green

Primar Construction

I joined their breakthrough program and got amazing results out of it. They completely changed everything in my digital presence and the team was so fast to implement everything. I highly recommend them if you’re looking for some lead gen.

John McEvoy

HP Roofing

Fahad & his team did a great job on our new website for EQ Roofing. The best part of my new website is I know exactly how many calls I’m getting through the website, and the ROI is a no brainer.

James Stack

EQ Roofing

We hired Social Gravity to generate leads and they did a great job getting quality leads. The new website was ready in just 3 weeks time and just after a few days, we started getting some leads through Google Ads. Professional team who know what they’re doing.

Farnan Culkin

BuildTech Construction

Ready To Scale Your Roofing Business

Frequently Asked Questions


How does SEO help local Roofing businesses?

SEO can help your business by ranking their websites higher in search engines so more people will find them when they’re looking to get a roof done. This can lead to more customers and a better ROI on your marketing in the long term, if you do it right.

How long does it takes to see results from Local SEO?

Generally, your website starts to rank in Google search results about two months after launch for low competition roofing keywords. However, depending on the competition and the amount of work required to rank your website for competitive keywords, it could take up to six or twelve months before you start to see a consistent stream of leads coming in to your business. You’ll start to see a decent volume of leads coming in once your website climbs up the google search result pages and make it to 1st page of Google.

To have an exact estimate, you can schedule a call with us & our experts can look into your market and give you an idea of the timeline.

How are your local SEO strategies different?

There are many different SEO strategies, our focus is on creating high quality content that will naturally rank your website higher in search engines results. Our SEO strategies are specific to Roofing industries that help us getting better results fast. Some of the strategies are:

  1. Create specific pages for different services and different areas you want to target.
  2. Building local links to your website to have a boost in rankings locally.
  3. Creating “Roofing Types” pages so people find you when looking up for a specific type of roof.
  4. We use advanced keyword research tools like Semrush & Surfer SEO to get you the best possible results.

Can you guarantee results?

Yes, we do guarantee results. However, we can’t guarantee that your website will rank number one for all the keywords you’re targeting.

What we can guarantee is that after a certain time you will start getting consistent qualified leads which is our primary goal when working with a business.

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