Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads For Roofing Companies

Are you looking for Roofing PPC services for your Roofing company? Social Gravity is a Pay Per Click Agency that can help you create and manage Roofing Pay Per Click Ads.

PPC Ads are the quickest way to generate leads for roofing companies. Our team of Roofing PPC experts will work with you to create a customized Roofing PPC campaign that fits your Roofing company’s needs. Using our proven Pay Per Click strategies, you’ll spend less and get more clicks & conversions from your Roofing website.

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Why Hire Social Gravity For PPC For Roofing Companies?

Roofing Contractor Marketing

Specialists in Roofing Industry

Our team of PPC Specialists are trained specifically for Roofing industry. We understand the Roofing market and we know how to create Roofing PPC Ads that get results.

We have worked with dozens of Roofing companies, both big and small, residential and commercial & helped them with their Paid ads & also Roofing SEO.

ROI Focussed Ad Campaigns

We make sure that you’re getting a positive return on investment (ROI) from your Roofing PPC Ads. We track and measure your Roofing PPC campaign so we can optimize it for maximum results.

During our initial call, we calculate how many leads you’ll need to hit your revenue goals and then create a Roofing PPC campaign that will get you there.

Lead Management Dashboard To Track Everything

We provide you with a custom dashboard to track the website form fills and phone calls. You’ll know exactly which phone calls came from Google Ads with the help of our AI based Lead Management Dashboard.

Contact us today & we’d love to give you a demo of how our lead management dashboard works.

No Long-Term Commitments

We don’t lock any of our clients into contracts. Instead, we make sure that you’re getting a consistent return on your investment and stay with us because you’re happy with the results, not because you’re locked into a contract.

I Need Help Marketing My Roofing Business

Our Success Stories

HP Roofing Case Study

HP Roofing

How HP Roofing added a new source of leads to his Roofing business in just 4 months.

EQ Roofer Case Study

EQ Roofers

What made James trust Social Gravity for their Roofer Marketing after one bad experience.

BuildTech Case Study

BuildTech Construction

How BuildTech was able to grow its construction business by 40% in just over a year.

Why Most PPC Ad Campaigns For Roofing Companies Fail?

Most of the Roofing campaigns usually fail because of one of the following reasons:

  • Lack of Roofing industry knowledge.
  • Traffic being sent to homepage instead of targeted landing pages.
  • No proper Call To Actions on website.
  • No proper way of tracking conversions & phone calls.
  • Wrong Roofing Google Ads Campaign Structure.

How Our Roofing PPC Advertising Process Works


1 .Schedule a Discovery Call: The first step is to schedule a discovery call with one of our Roofing PPC experts. During this call, we’ll ask you a few questions about your business, your target market & your revenue goals.


Create Customized Campaign: Based on the information gathered during the discovery call, we’ll create a customized Roofing PPC Advertising campaign for you.


Track the Conversions: We track and measure the website form fills & phone calls so we can optimize the Roofing PPC campaign for maximum results.


Optimize to Improve: We continue to optimize the Roofing PPC campaign until you’re getting a positive return on investment (ROI).


Scale: The process doesn’t stop there. Once we’re confident with the ROI we’re getting, that’s the time to scale the campaign so that it helps to grow your business & scale as much as you like.

A Few Highlights of Our Roofing PPC Advertising Strategy


We create multiple landing pages for each of the services you offer and drive targeted traffic to those pages.


Our landing pages are highly targeted & convert up to 15%, giving you the best possible ROI.


We use Retargeting Ads to convert the visitors who didn’t convert in the 1st attempt.


We track the phone calls & leads like no other company, so you know where the leads are coming from.

Roofing Contractor Marketing

How Do We Calculate ROI For Google Ads

To calculate the ROI, we reverse-engineer your sales numbers & revenue goals to calculate how many leads you’ll need to hit your goals.

Let’s say, you aim to add additional $50K in revenue per month from Google Ads. If an average roofing job is $10K, that means you’ll need to close additional 5 jobs per month from Google Ads. If you close 25% of the leads you get, you’ll need about 20 leads per month to hot your goals.

Usually we get about 15% conversion rate from the landing pages we design. Assuming a $10 Cost Per Click in your area, you’ll need about $1,300 to close 5 new jobs per month.

The numbers vary depending on your business and the area, but they should give you an idea of how we calculate the ROI. This is usually the 1st thing that we do when we start working with a new business, and all future reporting is based around these numbers.

What Other Roofing Companies Say About Us

I got my website redesigned with Social Gravity. They have a professional team who knew what kind of website I should have and what pages should go there. 2 months since launched and I’m already getting a few extra leads.

Michael Green

Primar Construction

I joined their breakthrough program and got amazing results out of it. They completely changed everything in my digital presence and the team was so fast to implement everything. I highly recommend them if you’re looking for some lead gen.

John McEvoy

HP Roofing

Fahad & his team did a great job on our new website for EQ Roofing. The best part of my new website is I know exactly how many calls I’m getting through the website, and the ROI is a no brainer.

James Stack

EQ Roofing

We hired Social Gravity to generate leads and they did a great job getting quality leads. The new website was ready in just 3 weeks time and just after a few days, we started getting some leads through Google Ads. Professional team who know what they’re doing.

Farnan Culkin

BuildTech Construction

Ready To Scale Your Roofing Business

Frequently Asked Questions About Roofing PPC Ads


Do you have any Roofing PPC case studies?

Of course, we have worked with dozens of Roofing companies in the past. In fact, that is all we do. Click here to view some of our case studies and what our happy clients say about us.

Would you help deciding the Google Ads budget for my Roofing company?

Yes, we recommend a budget after analyzing your goals, business and the current market. Usually, we start with small budget and once we’re confident about the numbers, we then start to scale your campaign & help you achieve your revenue goals.

How much do you charge to run & manage Roofing Pay Per Click PPC Ads?

We charge a one-time set up fee, plus 10% of the monthly ad spend. This includes everything from research to designing the campaign & landing pages.

When would I start getting leads from PPC?

We take about two weeks to set up your campaign. Once we launch the campaign, you’ll start getting leads immediately. However, Google takes about 6-8 weeks to optimize your campaign & provide consistent leads.

Can you audit our current PPC campaign?

Of course. We’re happy to go through your existing Google Ads dashboard and identify areas for improvement. Simply schedule a call with us and we can go through your existing campaign together and provide recommendations.

Do you lock into contracts?

No, we don’t believe in long-term contracts. We want you to stay with us because you’re happy with the results, not because you’re locked into a contract.

How do I get started?

Simply schedule a call with us and we’ll go over your goals and see how we can help you achieve them. There’s no obligation and no pressure, just a casual conversation about your business & if we’re a good fit.

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