How Much Do Roofers Make?

August 14, 2023
By Fahad Zahid

It's no secret that a good roof is the key to a sturdy home, but what about the people who put those roofs on? How much do roofers make, and what sort of training and experience is required to get started in this trade? 

This blog post will take a closer look at the ins & outs of the roofing industry, including average salary ranges and hiring requirements.

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Average Roofer Salary Per Year: How much does a roofer make in an year on average?

The average salary for a roofer is around €41,526 per year. However, this can vary depending on experience and location. Roofers typically start out earning an hourly wage and may move up to a salary once they have gained more experience.

To become a roofer, you will need to complete an apprenticeship program. These programs usually last for four years and will give you the necessary skills and training to work as a roofer. There are also many online courses available that can help you get started in this trade.

How Much Does a Roofer Make Per Hour?

The amount that a roofer makes per hour can vary depending on their experience, the company they work for, and the type of work they are doing. In general, most roofers make around €15.43 per hour

Experienced roofers may make more, while those who are just starting out may make less. Roofing is a physically demanding job, so workers typically get paid relatively well for their efforts. 

Average Salary by Experience: How much does an entry-level roofer make compared to an experienced roofer?

Roofers play an important role in the construction and repair of roofs. They may work independently or as part of a team. Roofers may be employed by a roofing contractor, or they may be self-employed. The average salary for a roofer varies depending on experience. An entry-level roofer typically earns around €25,367 per year, while an experienced roofer can earn up to €40,004 per year.

Roofers with advanced skills and training can earn even more. In general, roofers working in commercial settings tend to earn more than those working in residential settings. This is because commercial roofs are often larger and more complex than residential roofs, and therefore require more skills and experience to properly install or repair.

Where Do Roofers Make the Most Money? Top Highest Paying Locations for Roofing Jobs

The salaries of roofers can vary greatly depending on the location they are working in. In some parts of the country, roofers earn more than in other parts. This is often due to the cost of living in the area, as well as the availability of work. 

One major factor is the cost of living. In locations where the cost of living is high, such as Dublin or Cork, salaries tend to be higher to compensate for the higher expenses.

Additionally, some locations have a higher demand for roofers than others. For example, Dublin has a lot of construction going on due to the city’s rapid growth, so there is a higher need for roofers there than in other cities.

It’s always a good idea to check with local sources for the most accurate information.

Does Marketing Elevate a Roofer's Income?

Yes, indeed! Roofing marketing is like a ladder for a roofer’s earnings business. By smartly using online platforms, engaging with the community, and focusing on roofing SEO, roofers can build a brand that people trust. It’s simple: a strong presence leads to more customers, which in turn translates into higher income.

Top 5 Best Paying Jobs for Roofers

While roofing is a dangerous job with a high rate of injury, it can be very lucrative for those who are experienced and skilled in the trade. Most roofers make a good wage but there are always those at the top who make the most money. Here are the five best-paying roofing jobs:

Most Common Benefits for Roofers in Addition to Their Salary

Dental Insurance

Most roofers have access to dental insurance through their employers. This coverage can help offset the cost of routine dental care, as well as more expensive procedures.

Retirement Plan

Many roofing companies offer some form of retirement plan, such as a 401(k). This can be a valuable benefit, as it allows roofers to save for the future and receive some tax advantages.

Paid Time Off

Most roofers receive paid time off, which can include vacation, sick days, and holidays. This benefit can help roofers balance their work and personal lives.

Profit Sharing

Some roofing companies offer profit sharing, which allows employees to share in the company's profits. This can be a valuable benefit, as it can provide employees with a financial incentive to work hard and help the company succeed.

Referral Program

Some roofing companies offer referral programs, which can provide employees with a financial incentive to refer new businesses to the company. This can be a great way to generate new business and grow the company.

Vision Insurance

Many roofers have access to vision insurance through their employers. This coverage can help offset the cost of routine eye care, as well as more expensive procedures.

Life Insurance

Some roofing companies offer life insurance to their employees. This can be a valuable benefit, as it can provide financial protection for employees' families in the event of the employee's death.

Final Thoughts

Roofs are a crucial element to any home, which is why roofers are always in demand. A roofer's salary depends on many factors, including experience level and geographical location. 

On average, roofers make €15.43 per hour or €41,526 per year. 

However, experienced roofers can make up to €52,088 or more annually. Although being a roofer comes with its fair share of risks, it is still a highly sought-after profession that pays well. If you're looking for a career change or are interested in the construction field, consider becoming a roofer today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average annual income for a roofer?

The average annual income for a roofer in Ireland is around €41,526. However, salaries can vary significantly depending on experience and the company.

How much do entry-level roofers make?

Entry-level roofers, also known as roofing laborers or helpers, typically earn less than experienced roofers. The average wage could be around €25,367 per year, although this varies by region and the size of the roofing company.

Do roofers earn more if they have their own business?

Roofers who own their own businesses have the potential to earn more, depending on the success and scale of their operations. However, they also shoulder more responsibilities, including acquiring clients, managing expenses, and ensuring project completion. Their earnings would depend on the profit after covering all business costs.

Is experience a significant factor in a roofer's earnings?

Yes, experience can significantly impact a roofer's earnings. More experienced roofers often earn more as they can work more efficiently, handle more complex tasks, and sometimes supervise other workers.

How do roofers' earnings compare to other construction jobs?

Roofers' earnings often fall within the average range for construction trades. However, their income can be significantly influenced by factors like the local economy, the season, and the nature of the specific projects they undertake.

Do roofers earn more during certain seasons?

Roofing is a seasonally influenced job, especially in areas with harsh winters. In those regions, roofers may earn more during the spring, summer, and fall months when weather conditions allow for more roofing projects.

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