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October 13, 2023

Feeling lost in Ireland’s construction industry? You’re not alone. Due to rising interest rates, the sector is expected to shrink by 3% in 2023, so it’s normal to feel a bit worried. But don’t worry; this blog is here to help!

We’ll explore the trends that will shape Construction Marketing in Ireland. Together, we’ll navigate this complex landscape, understand these trends, and build a strong plan for your business's success!

So, ready to turn these challenges into opportunities? Let’s embark on this journey together!

Current Situation of Construction Industry in Ireland

The construction industry in Ireland is currently facing a sharp slump in activity, accompanied by rising costs.

A sharp slump in construction activity

In our industry, we see a big drop in work. Over half of all surveyors tell us their firms do less building now. This is not good news for anyone in the construction field or business owners who rely on it.

This fall comes from factors like high costs and other problems that make it tough to build things and keep up with demand. We need to find a way out of this troubling slump soon.

Rising costs

The rising costs in the construction industry are a significant concern for business owners in Ireland. It is important to note that interest rates are increasing, which can impact the overall expenses of construction projects.

This means that materials, labour, and other essential resources may become more expensive, putting a strain on budgets and profitability. Additionally, surveyors have reported a sharp slump in construction activity, further exacerbating the challenges faced by businesses.

As a result, it is crucial for construction companies to carefully manage their costs and explore cost-saving measures while maintaining high-quality standards. By closely monitoring expenses and seeking out innovative solutions, such as adopting digital marketing strategies or optimising operational efficiency, businesses can mitigate the impact of rising costs and remain competitive in this challenging environment.

Key Factors Influencing Construction Marketing Trends

The impact of Europe's budget looming, online marketing trends, and offline marketing trends are key factors influencing construction marketing trends in Ireland.

Impact of Europe's budget looming

The looming impact of Europe's budget on the construction industry in Ireland is a significant factor influencing marketing trends. As the economic outlook becomes uncertain, businesses must be prepared for potential changes that could affect their operations.

This includes anticipating any shifts in funding and investment priorities as well as adjusting marketing strategies accordingly. By staying informed about upcoming budget decisions and being adaptable to change, construction companies can position themselves to navigate potential challenges while capitalising on new opportunities.

Online marketing trends

Digital marketing is playing a crucial role in driving growth for businesses in Ireland. With the rise of online shopping and increased digitalization, companies are focusing on innovative strategies to reach their target audience.

Some key online marketing trends include UX/UI design, development, and cybersecurity. Businesses are investing in user-friendly websites with engaging content and mobile optimisation to enhance the customer experience.

They are also prioritising cybersecurity measures to protect sensitive data and build trust with customers. Additionally, social media advertising, content marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO), mobile marketing, virtual reality marketing, influencer marketing, customer relationship management (CRM), video marketing, and email marketing are all important aspects of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

Offline marketing trends

Offline marketing trends are still important for construction companies in Ireland to consider alongside online strategies. While digital marketing has become increasingly popular, offline tactics can reach a different audience and complement online efforts.

One offline trend that remains relevant is networking and attending industry events. Building relationships with potential clients, suppliers, and partners can lead to new business opportunities.

Additionally, traditional advertising methods like print ads in trade publications or billboards can help raise brand awareness within the local community. Offline marketing also includes direct mail campaigns targeted at specific segments of the market, providing a personal touch that stands out from the digital noise.

By combining both online and offline marketing strategies, construction companies can maximise their reach and impact.

Predicted Growth of Construction Industry in 2023

Forecasts and projections indicate significant growth in the construction industry in Ireland by 2023, presenting both challenges and opportunities for businesses operating in this sector.

Forecasts and projections

In 2023, the construction industry in Ireland is predicted to shrink by 3% due to challenges like rising interest rates. However, there is still hope for growth, as it is expected to rebound with a projected increase of 10.6% following a previous decrease.

Digital marketing will play a crucial role in driving this growth, with trends focusing on UX/UI design, development, and cybersecurity. Businesses should adapt their strategies to include both online and offline marketing tactics and stay innovative to remain competitive in the market.

Future challenges and opportunities

Looking ahead, the construction industry in Ireland faces both challenges and opportunities. Rising interest rates and economic uncertainties pose challenges that may impact activity levels and increase costs.

However, there are also opportunities for growth through digital marketing strategies. Embracing innovative approaches like social media advertisingcontent marketing, and mobile marketing can help construction companies reach a wider audience and drive business growth.

Additionally, investing in customer relationship management (CRM) systems and video marketing can enhance engagement with potential clients. The key is to adapt to changing trends, utilise both online and offline marketing tactics, and stay competitive in a rapidly evolving market.


To conclude, construction companies in Ireland must adapt to changing trends and utilise both online and offline marketing tactics.

Innovation is key to staying competitive, so investing in digital marketing strategies such as social media advertising, content marketing, search engine optimisation, mobile marketing, virtual reality marketing, influencer marketing, customer relationship management (CRM), video marketing, and email marketing will be crucial.

So, get ahead of the competition and start implementing these strategies today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the marketing trends in Ireland's construction industry for 2023?

Construction marketing trends in 2023 in Ireland, both online and offline, include UXUI design, an eCommerce revolution, and adapting to rising costs.

How can a construction company improve its business with digital strategies?

Implementing online and offline marketing strategies for construction companies in Ireland can help them adapt to shrinking markets, stay current with industry trends, and drive growth.

Will rising costs impact the Irish construction sector?

Yes. Rising carpenter rates and other costs have a significant impact on the construction industry in Ireland.

How does the future look for non-residential building trends in Ireland?

Surveyors suggest that there could be a predicted shrinkage of the construction industry in certain parts of Ireland due to changing commercial activity patterns.

What role does digital marketing play for Irish businesses currently?

In terms of digital footprint or presence, the majority is achieved through strategic implementation of the latest digital marketing trends by establishing an effective current state of digital marketing within their operating market spectrum.

How can construction companies leverage eCommerce in 2023?

Construction companies can leverage eCommerce in 2023 by offering online purchasing of materials and services, which can increase efficiency and reach a wider customer base.

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