Your Guide to the Best Blog Structure for SEO

by | Mar 7, 2022

Blog Structure for SEO

Today, business owners recognise that producing the best content for SEO is necessary for successful digital marketing and the conduction of E-commerce. It needs to be compelling and attractive to readers in a way that instigates their curiosity regarding the subject of the content. 

Directing Your Audience

More importantly, calling the right audience’s attention towards your blog is necessary to enhance engagement between potential clients and service providers. You might ask: how should I structure a blog for SEO and attain maximum visibility on the internet? Here are some tips to get by to produce the best blog structure for SEO

Blog Post Structure Formulas

You need to incorporate some blog posts formulas to attain the best blog structure for SEO. To get you started, here are some tips that will help your website increase its visibility on search engine results pages to get you noticed in the marketplace.

Clarify Your Objectives

Ask yourself questions like: Who am I writing for? What do I want my audience to learn after reading the post? Compartmentalising these aims in your mind will allow you to hook your reader through how you structure your content.  

Follow a Compact Blog Post Structure

The attention span of audiences online is concise, so your blog needs to be captivating to make the reading want to keep reading. To keep the audience engaged, structure the blog with an introduction, main body, conclusion, and a call to action (CTA) at the start or the end of the post.  

Find Related Keywords

When you search for something on Google, you come across a box of related keywords at the bottom of the search engine result page (SERP). It mentions several keywords in a list and usually says ‘searches related to’ before it. Making use of those alternative keywords in your post helps to boost SEO.  

Be Conversational 

While it is important to use keywords, it shows when you are trying to add unnecessary keywords, also known as the Black Hat SEO practice. The keywords need to be used 6-8 times in the blog, but you need to keep the flow of the content natural and smooth.  

Make Use of Headings 

Your search rank improves when you employ naturally occurring keywords in your headings. H2 headings, for example, need to be used after every few paragraphs to develop an organised experience for your audience when they are going through your post.  

Adjust Blog Post Length 

Search engines prefer concise blog posts that provide to-the-point information. When composing, you need to factor in your audience’s attention span and wishes. You should use a few words that leave a more significant impact on the blog. 

Use Backlinks To Improve Your Blog Structure

The use of backlinks in your previous blog post can help direct the audience towards your new ones. Once you create more blog content, you will build a resource library that you can tap into to find related links. To increase the authenticity and credibility of your content, you should also weave in a non-competitive link in some part of your blog. Additionally, it is essential to set your publishing settings to ‘open all links in separate windows so that your audience isn’t made to click away from your blog site. 

While you use these tips to produce the best blog structure for SEO, you need to remember that SEO requires consistency and perseverance to show its results. It is possible that you don’t rank very high in SERP in your first or even 20th blog attempt! Social Gravity is a professional digital marketing company that specialises in directing traffic for its clients. Contact us today if you need help with your website’s SEO, blogs, or web content.

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