About Fahad Zahid

Fahad Zahid is the Founder of Social Gravity, providing SEO & marketing services to new and small businesses so that they can grow in their niche and become empowered through strong customer engagement.

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Fahad brings an extensive background in Search Engine Optimization and Inbound marketing to Social Gravity and has been able to transform the company into a Digital Marketing powerhouse.

Along with holding a Masters in Digital Marketing from TU Dublin he possesses expertise in Inbound Marketing & Content Marketing as well.

Fahad also runs YouTube channel  where he provides SEO & marketing education.

Fahad has helped businesses around the world to become digital brands by successfully establishing their identity and visibility in the online community.

Fahad strongly believes that every startup out there has a unique vision and hence deserves the best strategy to be marketed to the right place at the right time.

Meet Fahad

Going through different stages and overcoming various obstacles as an entrepreneur, I exactly know what It takes to get here. My sole mission & goal is to help passionate business owners in scaling their businesses with my devised digital & Search Engine Marketing strategies.

Fahad Zahid

SEO Specialist & Founder

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